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Whirlwind by Robin DeJarnett: Review and Interview

Welcome, Author Robin DeJarnett!

I had the pleasure of reading Robin's novel Whirlwind, and gave it 5 stars! Here's my review:

Whirlwind is a debut Romantic Suspense novel by Robin DeJarnett, featuring Melissa and Jason, two twenty-somethings who meet at a wedding. Sparks fly when they first touch, but romance isn’t the only focal point of the story, as later in the evening a woman is murdered.

Turns out the murderer might now be after Melissa. The book summary includes a great line: “Cinderella lost a shoe—Melissa could lose both her handsome prince and her life”. Ha! This subtle humor pervaded the story and was one reasons of many I adored Whirlwind.

I’m a practical woman, so the idea of love-at-first-sight made me a bit skeptical when I started this novel. By the end, Robin DeJarnett completely convinced me of the realism and beauty of a whirlwind romance! What made me a believer? 1) Melissa and Jason created emotional intimacy before their explosive physical chemistry had …

Congratulations, Winners!

Congratulations to Junaid and Niamh, winners of the Goodreads giveaway!

Just like Charlie Sheen, you're both WINNERS.

It's great to have one international winner and one American winner--a nice balance. Signed copies of Bad Behavior are headed your way.

Don't forget to check out the video trailer for Bad Behavior, and have a great weekend!

The Cuffs Come Off

Feeling naughty? Make sure to enter the Goodreads giveaway for The Conduct Series #2: Bad Behavior. There's less than a week left to enter, and this time the cuffs come off!

I'm very excited to reveal the video trailer for Bad Behavior! Thanks to Micha Stone from Omnific Publishing and my Aunt Nancy for their help in creating this baby.

Syrah and Chardonnay exhibited some really good behavior by hosting me for an interview on their blogChick Lit & Wine. I had a lot of fun with those two!

It's Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop, hosted by Lisa Sanchez. The hop's a great way for authors to network and for readers to identify new authors.

Hidden Threat by Sherri Hayes Review and Interview

Last night I attended the touring production of Les Miserables, a story about a parolee who desperately tries to overcome his past to become a good man. Hmm, wonder why I loved it so much? ;-) Don't forget to enter the Goodreads giveaway for Bad Behavior, a story about my favorite parolee Grant Madsen.

Today it's my pleasure to feature the wonderful novel Hidden Threat by Sherri Hayes! Sherri and I met on a website where we posted our stories, and it was so fun to discover we both lived in central Ohio. Since then we've become friends.

Here's my 4 star review of Hidden Threat from Goodreads:

I loved this book!

Hidden Threat by Sherri Hayes reminded me why I like the romantic suspense genre so much. Sherri created a compelling story about two singles meeting in unexpected circumstances, both drawn to each other but trying to deny their feelings to avoid an ill-advised office romance.

Cali Stanton is a physician returning from Africa to help out her father, the owner of …

Indivisible by Jessica McQuinn: Review and Interview

I'm intrigued by all things military, especially Men in Uniform. When I heard fellow Omnific author Jessica McQuinn wrote about a hunky Navy SEAL, I knew I wanted to read the story pronto!

Here's my review of Indivisible from Goodreads:

Are you participating in “Romantic Suspense” or “Men in Uniform” reading challenges in 2011? If so, have I got the book for you!

Indivisible is Jessica McQuinn’s second novel, featuring a young married couple facing the danger and forced separation of life in the military.

Charlotte “Charlie” Cooper (I love that name) is finishing her college degree and savoring the last moments of togetherness with her Navy SEAL husband Gideon before he leaves for six months on assignment. They’ve only been married one year and she’s feeling scared and bereft about his departure.

Gideon is a muscled bo-hunk whose heart is almost as big as his biceps. I loved when he knows he’s made a mistake with Charlie and goes about his bumbling yet charming way of tryin…

Mark of the Stars

It's raining buckets and I just found out I have a sinus infection, ugh. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick those germs to the curb. One bright spot in my day is that I had the pleasure of Jessica Subject interviewing me on her blog Mark of the Stars today.

She's giving away two ebook sets of The Conduct Series: With Good Behavior and Bad Behavior.

Skedaddle over there and leave a comment, and you have a good chance of winning! Those of you curious about Bad Behavior can also read an excerpt from the book--a scene between Grant and Roger.

I hope to be back soon with the video trailer for Bad Behavior, which was released yesterday.

The CONduct Series Giveaway

Happy Monday!

We're just one day away from the release of Bad Behavior, a romantic suspense novel featuring the adventures of parolees Sophie Taylor and Grant Madsen. Sophie and Grant continue to run from the mob but this time they run from their psychologist as well. ;-)

To celebrate, Jessica Subject is hosting a giveaway on her blogMark of the Stars, offering two ebook sets of The Conduct Series (With Good Behavior and Bad Behavior).

I'm very excited that Jessica gave With Good Behavior a 5 star review! I'm hoping she enjoys Bad Behavior just as much.

And now it's time for Meet an Author Monday, hosted by Lisa Sanchez. Please join us.

New Zealand Travelogue

It's been a busy week preparing for the release of Bad Behavior on 3-8-11 (check back around then for giveaways and interviews on Jessica Subject's blog) and I'm finally getting a chance to share my trip with you.
My college roommate / swimming teammate Maggie now lives in Dunedin, and it was great catching up with her to celebrate our birthdays. Since I only had one week, we stayed on the south island.
First we started in Dunedin, on the southeast coast. It was the end of their summer and temps were in the 60's for the most part. Maggie is a champion racewalker/mountain biker and I knew I was in trouble when I saw the pace she set for our first hike around town.
Dunedin boasts the steepest street in the world: Baldwin Street. And just about every other street we walked on felt about as steep!
We went to a farmer's market where I snapped sexy veggies pics. We also visited the historic Dunedin Railway Station. There's Maggie!
The Dunedin Botanical Garden was another…