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Summer Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Summer Giveaway Hop, hosted by I Am a Reader, Not a Writerblog and BookHoundsblog. The giveaway runs August 1st - 7th, and the winner will be announced August 8th.

I'm excited to give away a signed print copy of Summer Lovin' Anthology: Summer Breeze, which includes my short story "Swim Recruit" along with six other wonderful stories by Omnific Publishing authors. See my review of Summer Breezehere.

What's even better is that the winner will support the breast cancer research organization Save the Ta-Tas. I will purchase the anthology for $14.99 for the winner and all proceeds go to Save the Ta-Tas.

Review: Summer Breeze Anthology

Are you an author or reader who questions the usefulness of short stories?

"If you can write a novel, why stop at a short story?"

I used to be one of those kinds of people, friends. In fact, I like to write LONG novels. Then Omnific Publishing decided to compile two short story anthologies this summer, with all proceeds benefiting the breast cancer research organization Save the Ta-tas. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so naturally I was sold on the idea from the get-go.

Deciding to use the opportunity to stretch my writing muscles, I wrote my first Young Adult story from a first person point of view, and had so much fun. A short story forces the writer to be concise in her plotting and characterization, attempting to grab the reader quickly. Now I'm a true believer in short stories!

Another benefit of shorts is the opportunity to sample writing from a variety of authors, and that was my favorite part of reading Summer Lovin' Anthology: Summer Breeze. It was my f…

Beach or Mountain?

Happy Monday. It's my last day of a short vacation to Park City, Utah with my sisters and their families. Yesterday we hiked up one mountain in the ski resort, encountering exquisite blue skies, colorful wildflowers, and sore calf muscles!

 My sisters and I. Which one is the marathon runner? (hint: not me, on the right) ;-)
The hike inspired some thought about my favorite places to visit and favorite settings for novels. While the mountains are strong and majestic, I have to say I'm a beach girl. There's something so spiritual for me about the vast expanse of sea, rolling in with a never-ending rush of waves. For romance novels, the beach just seems right.

That's one reason I adored the cover art for the Summer Breeze short story anthology designed by Stephanie Swartz (see cover on the right). What a loving scene on the beach! I guess the only drawback would be getting sand in your nether regions during an intimate scene, but otherwise the beach is perfect for me.

Of t…

Author Sylvain Reynard: Review and Interview

And the winner of the Skyrockets in Flight Blog Hop is . . .

Darlene from Darlene's Book Nook!

An ebook of With Good Behavior or Bad Behavior is coming your way, Darlene. Thank you to all the entrants. If you didn't win, hop on over to Lisa Sanchez's blog where there's a giveaway of The Conduct Series happening until the end of July.

Now on to my featured guest today, author Sylvain Reynard! I LOVED his debut novel Gabriel's Inferno. Here's my review:

Beautifully Written and Executed

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The themes of this story – redemption and healing via the grace of love – are quite important to me, and Gabriel and Julia demonstrate these themes gradually and powerfully. Both romantic leads grow stronger and softer throughout the story, with Julia leading the way. As the bonds of their relationship strengthen, so too do their internal structures, undergirding their love for each other and themselves.

Julia is a graduate student at the Unive…

ANOTHER Giveaway!!!

Omnific Publishing and I are in the giving mood these days. Before I announce the winner of the "Skyrockets in Flight" giveaway tomorrow, I'm also starting another giveaway of The Conduct Series on a guest post at fellow Omnific author Lisa Sanchez's blog for the Sizzling Summer Author Extravaganza.

Please visit Lisa's BLOG to enter to win an ebook of With Good Behavior or Bad Behavior, and to read an excerpt from The Conduct Series #3, On Best Behavior.

Also, check back tomorrow when I host Sylvain Reynard, popular author of the smoldering Gabriel's Inferno!

Summer Lovin' Anthology Giveaway

The lovey Jen LR from the At Random blog hosted me for a guest post about the Summer Lovin' short story anthologies, benefiting the breast cancer organization Save the Ta-tas. What's even better is that Jen LR is giving away two copies of the anthologies! Thanks for supporting Omnific Publishing and breast cancer research, Jen. Please visit Jen and Jen HERE!

Skyrockets in Flight, Blog Hop Delight

Boom, Boom, Boom . . . Happy July 4th!

To celebrate America's Independence I'm joining the Skyrockets in Flight Blog Hop. An ebook from "The Conduct Series" is up for grabs: your choice of With Good Behavior (Goodreads finalist for Romance Novel of the Year) or Bad Behavior.

I'm also celebrating the release of my first short story Swim Recruit in the Omnific Publishing Anthology Summer Breeze. Read the romance . . . Save the Ta-ta's! Each anthology purchased will benefit the breast cancer research organization Save the Ta-Ta's. Read a blurb of my Young Adult story HERE and check out Summer Breeze and Summer Heat anthologies HERE.

Want to read an excerpt of Swim Recruit? This is the beginning of the story.

With only one hour until my flight, I was itching to get moving. But my mother’s hand remained latched onto my elbow. I glanced down at her restraining grip with scorn. “Call me when you get there?” Her brown eyes were pleading. I nodded, feeling my exaspe…