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Book Club Part Two

Did you know you can invite your favorite author to your book club? Galleycat, a great publishing website, has made it possible to connect with authors. If the author's local, invite her to attend your book club to discuss her book. If the author doesn't live nearby, invite him to do a Skype chat!

Check it out HERE.

I know I've signed up on Galleycat, and I'll try to make it to Ohio-area book clubs that invite me. In fact, any book club that chooses With Good Behavior or Bad Behavior will receive a free package from me including a book and swag!

There are already questions prepared for book club discussions on the "Book Club" tab on the menu above.

Authors: Fill out this easy Facebook form to sign up.

To follow up on my post from last week, our book club had a really fun time at my condo last week, discussing the bookHalf-Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls. The blueberry cupcakes turned out pretty well and I ended up choosing the bookMr. Perfect by Linda Howar…

Book Club

Are you in a book club? If so, you're lucky! I love my book club, which I'll be hosting on Thursday. (Check out the "Book Club" tab above on my website for a photo of my lovely friends holding my novel With Good Behavior!)

We'll discuss Jeannette Walls' Half Broke Horses. See my review HERE.

I'll serve Blueberry Hill Cupcakes (I hope). Check out the recipe. My friend Eric made these for July 4th and they were YUM.

The hostess chooses the book for the following month, and I need your help to decide. Here are some options I've been considering:

1. Divergent by Victoria Roth. I selected The Hunger Games for book club in November and everyone loved it. My review of Divergent wasn't quite as glowing but I still enjoyed it. The problem is there's a long waiting list for this book at the library, and we only have a month to read the book (most of the members are busy working mothers).

2. Summer Lovin' Summer Breeze Anthology. This short story ant…

Darcia Helle Interviews Me

C'mon over to Author Darcia Helle's blog, "A Word Please", to check out her interviewing me. Darcia gave With Good Behavior five stars (bless you, dear!) and drummed up some really interesting interview questions about psychology and writing. I loved Darcia's novel Enemies and Playmates (see my review and interview of her here) and look forward to reading more from her.

Author BJ Thornton: Review and Interview

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce author BJ Thornton to the blog. She is one of six authors contributing to the short story anthology Heat Wave, and the author of the novel The Way That You Play It. First will be my review of Heat Wave followed by an interview of BJ.

Heat Wave is one of two short story anthologies benefiting the breast cancer research organization Save the Ta-tas, and its sister anthology Summer Breeze doesn’t come close to its sizzling fire! Some readers prefer novels to short stories, but I find anthologies a wonderful way to discover authors. It was a distinct pleasure to read new-to-me authors BJ Thornton and Debra Anastasia, as well as enter different worlds created by more familiar authors Lisa Sanchez, Robin DeJarnett, Jessica McQuinn, and Kasi Alexander.
New Flame by BJ Thornton is perfect for this charity anthology because it features breast cancer survivor Shae. She’s been through a harrowing journey of treatment, and is determined to reclaim her body, wrest…

Winners and Losers

Congratulations to Sapphyria for winning the short story anthology Summer Breeze!

Visit and follow her at

A signed print copy will be in the mail to you soon, Sapphyria. I hope you enjoy the variety of sweet romance stories in the anthology, especially knowing you're benefiting the breast cancer research organization Save the Ta-tas.

I'm feeling rather exhausted today after spending four jam-packed days at the American Psychological Association convention in Washington, D.C. Walking around the city in the stifling humidity left me "glistening" and wilted, definitely not a professional look for me. It was wonderful to catch up with colleagues and friends. Happily I finished my term as a leader in one of the APA divisions, which will give me more time to pursue my beloved writing.

My division dealt with some drama involving a narcissistic psychologist, stimulating some thought about narcissistic characters in novels. I'm rather fa…