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Best of 2011 Giveaway Hop

Inspired Kathy is hosting another fun giveaway, this one to celebrate our favorite books of 2011. Thanks, Kathy!

The winner gets a $10 Amazon gift card. I've got plenty of recommendations below for how to spend that card--books I consider to be the best of 2011.

To enter, complete the Rafflecopter form. This is my first time trying it, so I hope it works. If you have time, please leave a comment with the title of one of YOUR favorite reads of 2011.

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Jennifer Lane's Favorite Reads of 2011
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. One incredible biography. My REVIEW

Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare. Of the amazing I-Team series, this is my favorite. My REVIE…

2012 Romantic Suspense Challenge

Jamie from The Eclectic Bookshelf is hosting the 2012 Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge!

Romantic Suspense is my favorite genre as a reader and author. Do you like Romantic Suspense? Join us for the challenge HERE.
I'm going for Level 2: 10 romantic suspense novels in 2012. Happy reading!

Author Hannah Downing: Review and Interview

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing my small-pub-sister Hannah Downing, Australian author of Pieces of Us. I loved her novel as you can tell from my review:Sharp Yet Well-Rounded Love TriangleCharlotte Barnes has the perfect marriage. Her husband dotes on her, and she delights in the domestic bliss they've created. There's only one problem. She discovers her beloved husband Cameron has been cheating on her.Lost and bereft, Charlotte hightails it out of town without giving him the chance to explain. She slowly rebuilds her life, meeting a police officer named Owen. When Charlotte and Owen begin to fall in love, Owen realizes that pieces of Charlotte's heart still belong to Cameron, and suggests they move back to her home town so that she can put her past behind her.My favorite part of this story is the realism of the characters. Charlotte moves between fury and desperation when coping with the fallout of Cameron's infidelity:"Get your hand off me or I will st…

Embrace Change!

Today I’m a Release Party Guest Host for Cherie Colyer, who’s celebrating the release of her debut Young Adult novel . . . Embrace !Facing changeBy Cherie ColyerWhen I was getting to know Madison Riley, the main character in my young adult novel Embrace, I discovered she’s a girl who hates change. For her, change has never been good and as familiar as she is with it, she hates everything about it. To Madison, a statement like “your life’s about to change, and there’s nothing you can do about it” is just about the worst news she can receive.Understanding just how much Madison dreads change made it easy for me to know what obstacles she would have to face and possibly overcome. Being able to relate with her aversion to the whole subject helped me to get inside her head and to share her emotions. In fact, it was this characteristic in particular that became the theme of this party. If you have a story about embracing change, I’d love to hear it.I hope you’re enjoying the party. Remember …

Top 10 Self-Help Books

Today Lindsey Webster, rehabilitation counselor and owner of the site Masters in Counselingwrites about her favorite Self-Help books. I’ve only read a few of these so it’s great to get some recommendations from her. Take it away, Lindsey!

My Top Ten List of Self-Help Books

There are so many self-help books on the market today, rummaging for a good one can be a bit overwhelming. Whether you are currently seeing a counselor on a regular basis or you just need a little inspiration in your life, self-help books are great life improvement tools. If you are currently seeing a counselor, ask them to recommend a book relevant to the issue you are seeking therapy for. In the meantime, here is my personal top ten self-help booklist. The following titles are in no particular order or ranking.

1. “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle: As the title suggests, this theme of this book is mindfulness/consciousness. There is also a full discussion on the ego and how dangerous …

Author Jessica Subject: Beneath the Starry Sky

Today I’m pleased to host author Jessica Subject. I loved her alien romance novella Celestial Seduction, and soon the prequel will join the ranks of published works. Jessica’s here to tell us about Beneath the Starry Sky and a yummy recipe for peanut butter squares. I’m making them tonight for my book club holiday party! Take it away, Jessica.Away from home at ChristmasFirst of all, thank you to Jennifer Lane for allowing me to blog here today! In two days, my contemporary erotic romance, Beneath the Starry Sky will release, which is a prequel to my debut novella, Celestial Seduction. Tamara, the heroine from BTSS is down in Las Vegas to train at the head office of the pharmaceutical company she works for. One night, she is feeling particularly lonely. Here is her story:Tamara drummed her fingers on the desk. She’d filled out the form for the 1NightStand service her friend, Leah, had recommended, and needed to decide whether to click send. Having been celibate since her ex-fiancĂ© left…

Thank You for an Awesome Blog Tour!

It's the last day of The Conduct Series Blog Tour. *sniffs* Three stops today include:

Leah from Chick Lit Reviews & News reviews With Good Behavior HERE, interviews me HERE, and hosts a giveaway HERE.

Christy from Love of Books has an excerpt from Bad BehaviorHERE.

Wow, what a great blog tour! The kind and wonderful Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews has been such a gracious tour host. Thank you,

J U L I E !
Be sure to visit Julie's wrap up post, featuring my dream cast for The Conduct Series, HERE.
The grand prize winner will receive a $25 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (sorry for the confusion when some blogs have said $20 but it will be $25).

Happy reading!

Next Stops on the Blog Tour!

Choo Choo! The Conduct Series train is rolling into four stops today. Please stop by and enter the giveaways!

Jamie from The Eclectic Bookshelf gives With Good Behavior a 5 star review HERE.

Brianna from The Book Vixen has an excerpt of Sophie and Grant meeting outside their PO's office HERE.

BookWhore from Bookwhore Blog (LOL) reviews With Good BehaviorHERE.

Finally, Syrah from Chick Lit & Wine reviews Bad BehaviorHERE. I loved her review of the first book in the series and can't wait to see what wine she's pairing with the second book!

And now it's time for the Author Blog Bounce. Authors, join in. Readers, bounce over to author blogs to learn more about new books. Read more on the Omnific Publishing Blog.

Blog Tour Disco

Getting some awesome reviews of With Good Behavior! *dances*

Check 'em out and enter giveaways at each site:

Laurielu at Bona Fide Reflections says "Emotion grips you for the entire length of the story" in her 4 1/2 star review HERE.

Nimue at Endlessly Bookish says "With Good Behavior is a fast-paced, action-rich and heart-wrenching romance with adorable main characters" in her review HERE.

Katie at Novel Society says "I would definitely recommend reading this. It was interesting and the flashbacks explain why the characters are the way they are" in her review HERE.

Finally, Megan from A Trail of Books Left Behind gave WGB a 5 star review last year, and interviews me HERE.

Blog Tour Boogie

I'm basking in blogger love this book tour. Today my books get to visit three shiny blogs!

1) Shannon from Cocktails and Books has been one busy reader, offering up a review of not only With Good Behavior, but Bad Behavior too! Click HERE. I love her comment, "This is one hell of a series." Now that she's all caught up, I have to get cracking on writing the third novel in the series, On Best Behavior.

2) Megan from Reading Away the Days interviews me HERE.

3) Jess from The Romanceaholic delivers a very thoughtful 4 star review of With Good BehaviorHERE. Thanks, Jess!

Make sure you enter the GIVEAWAY at each stop. If you comment at all the stops, you're eligible to win a $25 gift card.

The Blog Tour's Rolling!

My books--my babies--continue traveling around the world, stopping for a visit at welcoming and friendly blogs.

Today's Conduct Series tour has FOUR stops! My little babies will be tired but happy after today's adventures. Every stop has a giveaway! Please join With Good Behavior and Bad Behavior as they travel to these destinations:

1) A Buckeye Girl Reads reviews With Good BehaviorHERE. (Hooray for a fellow Buckeye! We're both in Ohio.)

2) Jen from LR At Random reviews With Good Behavior as well HERE.

3) Darcia Helle, Author, features a guest post from me about empathy and characterization on her blog Quiet Fury BooksHERE. Earlier Darcia gave With Good Behavior a 5 star review!

4) Smash Attack Reads gives a fantastic review of Bad BehaviorHERE. And scroll down for a chat Smash and I had about how our training in mental health has influenced our reading and writing.

I feel really blessed to have these lovely bloggers take time to read and review my books. Thank you!

Visiting Smash Attacks!

A great benefit of becoming an author is meeting voracious readers committed to spreading the word about their favorite books---a.k.a. BOOK BLOGGERS!

One blogger I've had the pleasure of knowing is Smash from Smash Attacks Reads. Since I'm a psychologist and author, I call myself a psycho author. Well, Smash is a social worker and book blogger, making her a social bookie? (You'll have to help me with this one, Smash). She is certainly extroverted and friendly, and it's been so fun to discuss psychological aspects of books with her.

Tomorrow Smash will review Bad Behavior (The Conduct Series #2), featuring many therapy scenes. But today Smash and I chat on her blog about emotions, characterization, crying men, and maybe even the horrid baby name Renesmee.

Check it out HERE.

Top 10 with Twimom

Today's blog tour stop is at Mandy's blog Twimom 101. She asks me my top 10 favorite things, and I learned from her that Titanic (my favorite movie) will be re-released in April of 2012, yahoooooo!

Stop by to enter the giveaway.