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Book Signing

Time to share some photos from my book signing May 11th at a wine shop in Columbus, Ohio.
Aunt Nancy sent these beautiful flowers for the event, brightening the table and my day.

My three books were up for sale, including newly released Young Adult Sports Romance STREAMLINE. Check out the fun Sexy Swimmer buttons featuring hero Leo Scott!

I was super excited my bff Gwynn made it, all the way from Virginia! Gwynn and I swam and played volleyball together in college, and she said Streamline gave her insight into my tough mental preparation for swim races.

According to Gwynn, "This is an AWESOME book! I stayed up entirely too late last night to finish this, and am now highly recommending it to you! Jen developed some fabulous characters that completely drew me in, and I could not put the book down until I found out what happened to them. It has drama, love, twists and turns...and for me it was neat because much of the plot was centered around swimming. It took me back to my …

Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop

Thanks to I Am a Reader, Not A Writerblog and Page Turnersblog for hosting the *Splash* Into Summer Giveaway Hop!
I have the perfect prize for the Splash Into Summer Hop: a swimming book! (I hope this giveaway will make a big *SPLASH* hee hee.) I'm offering a signed copy of my new Young Adult sports romance, STREAMLINE.
Seems like Leo Scott has it all: looks, brains, and athletic talent. He’s captain of his high school swim team with a bright future in college and beyond. But Leo has secrets. His mother’s crippling car accident has devastated his family and left Leo to deal with his father’s abuse, battered and alone.
Leo’s girlfriend Audrey Rose is poised for her own share of success. As one of Florida’s top high school swimmers, Audrey dreams of college swimming stardom. But there’s an obstacle to her glorious rise to the top. Her number-one supporter–her father–is in prison for murder.
Part murder mystery, part tale of young love in a military family, this gripping stor…

Roland Yeomans: Excerpt and Giveaway for End of Days

Today I'm hosting author Roland Yeomans, who's just released a new fantasy novel: END OF DAYS.

I met Roland through blogging and we got to know each other better in the A to Z Challenge. I really love both his writing and the high school setting for this supernatural novel. Roland says:

"I've read many YA books set in schools, and very, very few mention what goes on in the classrooms. The action all transpires before or after class, making the school almost non-existent when for students, it makes up a bulk of their weekly lives. In END OF DAYS, I brought the class into the lives of the students. Seeing as it was a high school for and taught by supernaturals, the classes were hardly boring!"

Here's are a couple of excerpts from End of Days:

1) Wolf Howl, a Lakota shaman, is a teacher at St. Marrok's.  He begins his classes with:

“Students, let us put our minds together and see what lives we can make for ourselves, shall we? “The Sidhe who sent you here …

Fayth Reclaimed Virtual Release Party

Congratulations to my pub sister Lisa Sanchez for the release of her sixth publication: Fayth Reclaimed!

Running through a strange forest with a bloodthirsty demon hot on her heels wasn’t Taylor’s idea of a rockin’ evening. Then again, neither was soaring backward through time and space. Time travel chafed and left a rank, nasty aftertaste. So, when she finds herself floundering amidst a sea of Commandment-loving holy rollers who fling accusations of witchcraft and bedevilment like hotcakes in a diner, finding her way home jumps to the top of her to do list. Too bad she can’t remember who she is or where she came from. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Taylor realizes she’s falling for Gabriel, the mysterious Latin warlock living on the edge of Salem Village, Gabriel Castillo.
Battling an identity crisis and lost in a time that’s not her own, Taylor is determined to find her way back to twenty-first century Hanaford Park. But first, she and Gabriel must work together to uncover the dark sc…

Streamline Dream Cast

What a wonderful blog tour! Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews set up a kickass schedule, and I deeply appreciate all the lovely bloggers' time and talents. Because Streamline is an atypical YA, I was nervous about readers' reception to the story, but I'm so pleased Leo Scott elicited deep emotion from many readers.

 For the Dream Cast, it’s a challenge to find actors that match the image of the characters in my head.
Streamline’s hero was easy to find, though, because actor Wentworth Miller is my muse. He’s a Biracial former high school swimmer who inspired the character of Leo Scott. I think Wentworth’s a fantastic actor who portrays the perfect juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability. He evokes great emotion in me.

Leo’s girlfriend Audrey Scott is smart and loyal. He finds much of his courage from her love.

Leo’s older brother Jason is a wall of muscle with a major chip on his shoulder.
Jason’s dating Cameron Walsh, whose father was murdered.

Leo’s father James has beautif…

Streamline Blog Tour May 7-12

Thank you to Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews for hosting the Streamline Blog Tour (and creating this beautiful banner)!

Here is where you enter for the grand prize of a $25 gift card of your choice (Amazon, etc.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway<a href="">You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a&…

Zealous Blogging!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kind of miss April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge. Therefore, guest blogger Heather Smith is bringing you one more “Z” post as she talks about finding zeal in your blogging.  Take it away, Heather!Anyone can be a blogger.Anyone.Take a look around the blog world and you’ll see people of all walks of life blogging about their passions, their lives, or what they think will make them money. But not everyone can be a successful blogger. A second, closer look at the blogging world will show that there are definite ranks in blogging. There are the big-time bloggers who have made an empire out of their blogs, the successful ones that blog on the side but still have amassed a loyal readership, and the blogs that rarely see the light of day. So what does it take to be a successful blogger?1. Consistent posting: It’s the only way you’ll gain a steady readership. People don’t like to commit to reading blogs that are sporadic with their posting at best. You have…