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Massive Valentine Author Giveaway #KindleFire #Ebook #Romance

Valentine's GIVEAWAY!!!
A number of authors have created an amazing giveaway opportunity for you. 

There are many great prizes and Marissa Dobson donated the grand prize, a Kindle Fire. Be sure to visit and like some of the amazing authors who have joined. 

Below you will find at least one way to enter from each author. Good luck. Some of the amazing prizes are:
Kindle Fire from Marissa DobsonEbook Over the Ivy Wall by Rosa SophiaEbook Meet Me in the Garden by Rosa SophiaEbook When It's Least Expected by Heather Van Fleet2 Ebooks of A Valentine's Surprise by Melanie James2 audio books of A Valentine's Surprise by Melanie JamesEbook Hers to Bear by Tamara HoffaEbook Crazy In Love by Casey BondEbook of Sin, The Complete Collection by Casey BondEbook winners choice from Beverly OvalleEbook Blocked by Jennifer LaneA signed rack card and winner's choice of any of my ebooks by E.L.R. JonesEbook A Mother's Burden by Ellie KeysEbook Redefining Me by Ellie KeysEbook copy …

Montana Marijuana, Microaggressions, and Manuscripts #IWSG

Happy Insecure Writers Support Group, started by Alex J Cavanaugh!

I'm in Montana for a psychology conference. learning some cool things. Too bad I dislike skiing because we have major snow in Big Sky.

But I've had a blast chatting with friends and learning stuff! The best presentation so far has been about MARIJUANA. As a psychologist who has witnessed the sadness of addiction, I was against legalization before the presentation. Now I'm totally against it.

While you might think this brownie, candy, and beverage are for the munchies after you toke it up, these "edibles" are actually how THC is administered these days. One gummy bear has 4 servings of high potency THC. They're marketing to kids by infusing candy and drinks with THC.
And, this isn't your grandparent's pot, your parents' pot, or even your pot. In 1960 THC was .2% concentration. Now it's 12%. Since it's been commercialized in Colorado, the lobbyists and marketing machine has creat…

New Release: Four Somethings & A Sixpence by @RumerHaven

FOUR SOMETHINGS & A SIXPENCE by Rumer Haven Adult Contemporary Romance Available February 3, 2015  from Battered Suitcase Press (an imprint of Vagabondage Press)

SUMMARY: One wedding. Six participants. Be they sitting in the pews or standing at the altar, bearing witness in person or only in spirit, each of them knows something about the unsmiling bride. Go ahead—offer them a sixpence for their thoughts, and they'll make you these vows:
One would love to declare this woman his “awfully wedded wife.”One fears what she already has and will have to hold—if not from this day forward, then soon.One takes her to be richer, not poorer.One is better for what she told him this morning, worse for betraying a friend to get to this point.One worries whether today finds her in sickness or in health.And only one already knows that not even in death will they part.Whether they speak now or forever hold their peace, they all give the bride a little something she didn’t register for. One wedding…