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#Charity #Anthology LOVE UNRESTRICTED #GlassCity #SizzlingPR

Love Unrestricted AnthologyPublished by: Glass City Author EventIf There’s a Chance by Sidonia RoseSwim Recruit by Jennifer LaneIntoxicated by You by Michelle IannarelliLeaving Eva by Jennifer SivecDamaged by J. L. PerryNever to Keep by Aimie GrayHuman Trafficking is a major issue not only in the US, but all over the world. The Glass City Author Event has come together to raise money for a local Non-Profit Organization. RISE: Recovering Individuals From Sexual Exploitation is a social service program located in Toledo, Ohio. RISE Provides comprehensive services to Victims of domestic sex trafficking and prostitution. Amazon US - Amazon UKGlass City Author Event Website - Glass City Author Event TicketsGlass City Author Event Social Media: Facebook - Facebook Group - TwitterIf There’s a Chance by Sidonia RoseMost families have rules. The Pierce family not only has rules they also have prank rules. Every rule was created because of a prank that happened. Ever wonder what really happened?…

Swim Recruit in #Charity Anthology LOVE UNRESTRICTED

I'm excited to sign books at the Glass City Author Event in Toledo, Ohio on 10/8/16.

The event organizer, Kimberley Beale, has put together an anthology to benefit the fight against human trafficking: Love Unrestricted.

My New Adult sports romance novella Swim Recruit is the second story in the anthology.
Love Unrestricted features stories by the following authors:
If There's a Chance by Sidonia Rose
Swim Recruit by Jennifer Lane
Intoxicated by You by Michelle Iannarelli
Leaving Eva by Jennifer Sivec
Damaged by JL Perry
Never to Keep by Aimie Gray

Add to Goodreads HERE.
The anthology is on sale for six weeks only for just $.99. Get it HERE.
Proceeds benefit RISE: Recovering Individuals from Sexual Exploitation.

#IWSG The Best Negative Reviews

Welcome to April's Insecure Writers' Support Group. Hop over the Alex Cavanaugh's blog to join us!

Recently a reader friend asked, "How do I write an honest, helpful, negative review?"

Let's discuss negative reviews. I don't want to censor reader opinions, but merely state how I can learn best from reviews. I definitely know how frustrating and disappointing the reading experience can be. It has also become so clear to me that no author can please every reader.
As an author, I appreciate negative reviews that 1) offer specific constructive criticism, 2) make me laugh, and/or 3) acknowledge how personal preferences affect reactions.

I suggest getting specific about what's not working for the reader. The tightness of the writing? Grammar? Pacing of the plot? Realism of characterization? Chemistry between the characters? Too many characters? Implausibility of plot?

Here are some reviews that have taught me to write better:

"There was head hopping in th…