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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Six Ways to Be a Team Player #indie #author

Independent authors and entrepreneurs don't have to go it alone, according to Lucy Adams. Take it away, Lucy!

Six Clever Ways to Be a Team Player as an Entrepreneur


Whether or not you like teams, they're all around us. Of course, there are exceptions (night watchmen, for example), but the number of jobs based on teamwork grows year by year. Even if you’re an independent author, you have teammates including beta readers, critique partners, editors, book designers, marketing assistants, and most of all, READERS. You need solid communication among teammates to achieve the best results.

If you're an excellent team player, you’ll be in demand, your opinion will be highly valued, and your ideas will be accepted.

So what are the qualities and skills that will make you a brilliant chain link? Below are the 7 most important by Lucy Adams, an outsourcer from the British essay writing service.

#1 Strive to be an Example for Others

Instead of complaining about the incompetence of others, take the matter into your own hands and become an example for the rest of the team. Don’t be afraid to take on responsibilities – hard work and passion will make you a living legend!

Besides, by showing your best qualities, you’ll raise the bar so that the teammates will have extra motivation and develop as professionals. For example, if you notice writing errors, first raise your own literacy. People appreciate, trust, and respect those who lead by example.

#2 Help Your Team

Any person, even the most powerful, endures difficult times, in both private and professional lives. Develop your communication skills to find the right approach for each member of your team.

The company’s strength is defined by both the strongest and the weakest link. Improve your skills to help the rest of your team to grow professionally and mentally. Build the corporate spirit around mutual support and unity.

Share positive emotions and energy with your employees. Morale works not only in war but also a commercial company. Avoid Debbie Downer moods even if something doesn't go as expected. Even if you're angry and struggle to cope at work, leave it all behind the office door. Develop your emotional intelligence.


#3 One for All, and All for One!

The most effective entrepreneurs always put this principle at the forefront. They work hard to develop themselves and their teammates. The hardest part of adopting this concept is in reining in selfish urges. Even if you're a best-selling author, remember that you’re nothing without your team. Seek ways to help fellow authors market their books, and all will benefit.

#4 Build Favorable Relationships

Good relationships are the core of any team's effectiveness. To determine whether the relationships in your team are favorable, conduct an anonymous poll. Include burning questions like:

· What needs to improve on the team?

· How comfortable do you feel when communicating with the team?

· What do you estimate is the current psychological climate of the team? What is one thing you could do to improve morale?

Get to know your teammates on a deeper level. Strong relationships mean spending time not only on work but also establishing backgrounds, companionship, and understanding. Share vulnerabilities with each other to develop trust. You may be smart and competent, but if you haven't achieved trust within your team, you won’t be as effective. 

#5 Be Fair and Humble

You and your staff will make mistakes, and that’s ok – the key is to achieve harmony and bounce back quickly, which is possible only in an atmosphere of trust. So create it!

According to studies, more than 90% of great leaders are modest, and some even shy. These leaders take responsibility for mistakes, and sincerely believe that nothing would be achieved without the strength of the team. The arrogance of genius looks great in the "House" TV series but has nothing in common with business realities.

You can’t build good relationships without trust. The atmosphere of distrust and suspicion brings chaos and helplessness. The best leaders treat their employees as family members and allow trust to grow.

Be honest, reliable, and open-hearted!

#6 Listen Carefully and Accept Criticism

Ignoring your staff inevitably leads to the collapse of the company. On the contrary, if you’re a good listener, you become aware and well-informed.

Treat criticism as an opportunity to become better – this will allow you to stay open to new opportunities. Harsh reviews can sting, but sometimes offer sage advice for improving our writing. 

If you need to point out a mistake to a teammate, couch the feedback with observations of the teammates successes.

I wish you the best in your entrepreneurial endeavors!


Lucy Adams is an essay writer and blogger. This generalist is always in touch and ready to take the most exciting ideas of yours. Feel free to suggest Lucy a few intriguing topics, let her choose one or two that she likes best, and wait a week or so to get an in-depth research on the matter!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#IWSG Dusting Off Old Manuscripts

Happy March Insecure Writers Support Group!

Hop over to Alex Cavanaugh's blog to join us.


I'm late to post this month because work has been so busy and my friends are going through some big changes. One friend's husband just died, and another good friend (my swimming buddy) is moving to Nashville. *sad face* But it's good to hang with my writer pals in the support group!

March IWSG Day Question: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

Well, I'm actually doing that right now so the outcome is yet to be seen. I started a romantic suspense novel titled Twin Sacrifice back in 2009, and I'm dusting it off to rework it. I haven't had much time to write lately but I hope to get cranking soon.

Write on, friends!

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