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Men in Uniform Reading Challenge

I have a thing for men in uniforms, particularly military uniforms.

The closely cropped hair, freshly shaved skin, sharply pressed tunic, chiseled jaw, integrity to fight for his principles . . . *fans self*

Even though Tom Cruise is kind of a tool now, I think I saw Top Gun about 25 times in 1986.

"Son, your ego's writing checks your body can't cash!" (or CAN it?)

And then some brilliant person made this manipulated image of my favorite actor, Wentworth Miller:

*jaw drops* "Oh, officer! Let me unbutton that for you."

So naturally I want to embrace the challenge of reading books with men in uniform.

The Book Vixen is hosting Men in Uniform Reading Challenge!
Men in Uniform Reading Challenge
•Runs January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011(books read prior to 1/1/11 do not count towards the challenge). You can join at anytime – Sign up on The Book Vixen’s blog.

•The goal is to read as many novels that involve men in inform as you’d like. It can be a policeman, firefighter, paramedic, Army, Navy, Marine Corp., etc. – As long as the leading man wears some sort of uniform, it counts. See the different levels below and pick the one that works best for you. Nothing is set in stone; you can change levels at any time during the challenge.

•Books can be any format (bound, eBook, audio).

•Re-reads and crossovers from other reading challenges are fine.

•You can list your books in advance or list them as you read them. It is not required that you review the books you read for this challenge but feel free to do so.

•Post this reading challenge on your blog so you can keep a list of the books you’ve read for this challenge. Please include a link back to this post so readers can join the challenge too.

•You do not have to be a book blogger to participate. You can keep tabs on books you’ve read for this challenge on Goodreads or LibraryThing if you’d like (maybe make a shelf for “Men in Uniform Reading Challenge”). If you are not on either of those sites then you can list the books you read for this challenge in the comments on my wrap-up post, which will be up at the end of 2011.

My novel With Good Behavior features some men in uniform, and here's a list of military books on goodreads.

And don't forget our Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop.


Kittie Howard said…
Lovely post! *sighs* I married a guy in uniform, the USMC uniform *sighs again* and, yep, he's a clean-shaven, chisled jaw, good-looking dude *Ahhhh*.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
Jennifer Lane said…
Oh, you lucky woman! Marine uniforms, especially the dress uniforms, are very drool-worthy, hee hee.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Mary Mary said…
Oh, this is soooo tempting to jump in and join, but I need to think about it a little bit. And, I agree -- Tom Cruise is nothing more than a tool, anymore! ; )
Jennifer Lane said…
Hey Mary, don't know if you've visited The Book Vixen's site, but it's fine if you only read like 4 or 5 books with men in uniform next year. That low number makes it more doable for me.

When Tom Cruise railed against psychiatric medication, which I know has helped many people, I wasn't too impressed.
LTM said…
wow. I never was into Tom Cruise (it was his attitude... :D, but now I'm thinking I wasn't paying attention...! So sad.

That reading challenge sounds hilarious~
Jennifer Lane said…
Hi Leigh--thanks for visiting my blog. The challenge sounds hilarious? *hands on hips* I take men in uniform VERY seriously, missy! ;) Hope you join in on the challenge if it strikes your fancy.

Actually, one of my favorite books, Word of Honor by Nelson Demille, features a man in uniform. I might reread that for the challenge. I've also enjoyed Hunt for Red October, and I'm looking forward to uncovering some other uniform books.
I am so checking out that Military category on Goodreads! :)
Jennifer Lane said…
Sue, I can't wait to dive into some of those books! I highly recommend Word of Honor, which I mentioned above in a comment.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a very fun reading challenge. May 2011 bring you many men in uniform :)
Jennifer Lane said…
Gosh, that's one of the nicest things anyone has ever wished for me, Erica. :D Thank you!
Julie Musil said…
My son was recently obsessed with the movie Top Gun, and I fell in love with it all over again. And the volleyball scene? Woo hoo!

I've read lots of books about guys in uniform, usually military. Or the mc is in black ops, and they blend in with their environment. Love those!
Jennifer Lane said…
That volleyball scene? Hollah! I also love the scenes when Maverick and Goose are getting chewed out by their superiors.

Stinger: Maverick, you just did an incredibly brave thing. What you should have done was land your plane! You don't own that plane, the tax payers do! Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash. You've been busted, you lost your qualifications as section leader three times, put in hack twice by me, with a history of high speed passes over five air control towers, and one admiral's daughter!

Goose: Penny Benjamin?

[Maverick shrugs]

Stinger: And you asshole, you're lucky to be here!

Goose: Thank you, sir.

*sighs* That's good stuff!

Any recommendations on black ops or other books? Thanks, Julie!
Lara said…
hee hee
I can't say that I have a thing for men in uniform ...always being told what to do.

that gentleman in blue posted by the book vixen... (a plumber?)... men with plumber crack?! *fans herself* ;D
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm totally with you on men in uniform. I think I liked Cruise better in A FEW GOOD MEN, than I did in TOP GUN, although that was pretty hot too. Will check out the reading challenge! I've got your book on my TBR pile!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for participating in the reading challenge!

Lara - I thought he was a sailor..? LOL
Jennifer Lane said…
Lara, you DON'T like men who are accustomed to being told what to do??? To me that seems like one of their best features LOL.

Hi Liz! I agree--Cruise was fantastic in A Few Good Men. But I was a little high schooler when Top Gun came out and I was a total fangurl. Glad you'll be checking out the reading challenge.

Book Vixen--thanks for hosting the challenge! I thought your little guy was a sailor too. ;)
Lara said…
Oops! *for some reason, didn't expect the book vixen to read that* Upon a closer look at his hat, I realised that he is indeed a sailor.

There are many many great books featuring people in uniform -- excellent (and novel, excuse the pun) idea for a reading challenge! :)
Jennifer Lane said…
Oh, busted by the book vixen! Hee hee.
Anonymous said…
Lara - He can be your plumber if you'd like ;)
Jennifer Lane said…
As in, "I'm here to fix your pipes, ma'am."
You guys are cracking me up! :)
Guinevere said…
What about WOMEN in uniform? I'm a Marine... don't we get any reading challenge love too? :)
Jennifer Lane said…
Aw, are you feeling left out, Guinevere? Why don't you start a Women in uniform challenge? Thanks for serving our country!