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Streamline Dream Cast

What a wonderful blog tour! Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews set up a kickass schedule, and I deeply appreciate all the lovely bloggers' time and talents. Because Streamline is an atypical YA, I was nervous about readers' reception to the story, but I'm so pleased Leo Scott elicited deep emotion from many readers.

 For the Dream Cast, it’s a challenge to find actors that match the image of the characters in my head.

Streamline’s hero was easy to find, though, because actor Wentworth Miller is my muse. He’s a Biracial former high school swimmer who inspired the character of Leo Scott. I think Wentworth’s a fantastic actor who portrays the perfect juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability. He evokes great emotion in me.

Leo’s girlfriend Audrey Scott is smart and loyal. He finds much of his courage from her love.

Leo’s older brother Jason is a wall of muscle with a major chip on his shoulder.

Jason’s dating Cameron Walsh, whose father was murdered.

Leo’s father James has beautiful hazel eyes and a HOT temper.

Leo’s mother Mary Scott prior to her car accident:

Audrey’s father Denny Rose, who’s in prison for murdering Lt. Commander Bill Walsh.

Audrey’s mother JoAnne, working as a travel nurse to pay the bills:

So what do YOU think? How close are these actors to the images in your head? Visit my Streamline pinterest board to see more characters:

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And stop back May 14-18 for the Men of Omnific contest. Match the hottie to your favorite Omnific hero to win!


Kyra Lennon said…
Beautiful cast! I particularly love Wentworth Miller! <3
Jennifer Lane said…
Kyra, he's my favorite too. ;)
Glad you've had fun on your tour!
Anonymous said…
Sheesh those are some good looking people! lol You know, I don't think I've ever pictured a character not attractive when I read a book. Even the ones who are written as 'plain.' Hmmm, interesting.

I've enjoyed the tour! The posts were great and I hope many more get to enjoy and cry with STREAMLINE. :)
Julie has a point:

we imagine beautiful people when we read.

Unless I read a book already a movie like THE BIG SLEEP where Humphrey Bogart isn't exactly a beautiful person!

But who else could play Rick Blaine in CASABLANCA.

I started reading the Harry Potter novels after the first movie so Snape is forever etched into my mind as the actor who played him.

Like Alex, I am glad you enjoyed your blog tour. AT&T has, through its ineptness, robbed me of internet access except for hurried times like this at work.

May your sales be high! Roland
Jennifer Lane said…
Thanks, Alex! I was nervous about how it would go but most of the reviews were quite positive. :)
Jennifer Lane said…
Julie, I'm wondering if that's the effect of Hollywood casting mostly beautiful people in movies taken from books!

That's a good tagline: Cry with Streamline! :`(
Jennifer Lane said…
Roland, boo for AT&T robbing your internet access! Are you having withdrawal shakes?

I think about the bad guy from Silence of the Lambs...he's not such a pretty face and boy did he freak me out!
Anash said…
nice cast! Thanks for a super giveaway!
My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Jennifer Lane said…
Anash, thank you! These images inspire my writing (especially the one of Wentworth Miller). :) Good luck on the giveaway.