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The Ebb and Flow of Two Careers

Time for the Insecure Writers Support Group. One insecurity is that I'm three days late on my post! Thank you to Alex Cavanaugh for hosting this awesome meme.

Since it's rare to make a living as an author, I'm sure many of us have day jobs. I'm a psychologist, and I've been wrapped up in writing and delivering two big presentations the past week (hence the delay in my post). I traveled all the way to Big Sky, Montana for my first presentation.

Isn't it gorgeous? A big sky indeed. I teamed up with four other psychologists to present on gender issues in my field. I mentioned how I didn't get one job because I wasn't "a guy's guy". Yep, I'm not!

I'm not much of a skier, but I did decide to try cross country skiing with two psych buddies. I felt like I was about to fall every second, even on flat ground, but at least it was a sunny day. It was great to see friends and mentors.

When I returned home I scrambled to prepare another presentation, and this one went well too. I'm glad to be done with presentations for a while!

Writing has been at a standstill since I FINISHED my fourth novel! Yahoo. On Best Behavior (The Conduct Series #3) is on submission with my publisher.

And finally, I'm excited about the approach of Valentine's Day (aka Singles Awareness Day) because it's my birthday AND Omnific Publishing will give away three loaded Kindles to celebrate their third anniversary. Stop back on the 14th to enter the giveaway.


jaybird said…
Better late than not writing a IWSG post at all. You've certainly been very busy-

Looks like a beautiful place to ski, what a great picture. Happy Birthday Jen and congrats on finishing your fourth novel!!
Nicki Elson said…
I missed you!!! And that is not said to be guilt-inducing, because as you read at my place I fully believe in setting aside the writing life to embrace other areas. But you certainly aren't shirking the writing life - FOUR novels. That's amazing. Congratulations.

In this little workshop/study thing I'm doing, it said to take the time to let three people who you consider to be a joy in your life know how you feel - so it was quite the coincidence to fire up the laptop and have a comment from you. You are a joy in my life, my dear, and I'm so happy this writing thing has brought you into my sphere. :)
It's FINISHED! Yahooooooo! * throws confetti*
No worries on being late! You had a good excuse. Congratulations on finishing On Best Behavior. And for being brave enough to try cross country skiing.
Jennifer Lane said…
Jaybird--thank you so much! I like your revision cave. ;-)
Jennifer Lane said…
Nicki, your message definitely brightened MY day. (What an awesome idea at your workshop). I'm so glad Omnific brought us together. We'll have to touch base the next time I'm in Chicago!
Jennifer Lane said…
*catches confetti*

Thanks for stopping by, Smashie! This is the first novel I've finished since finding my publisher so it feels extra special.
Jennifer Lane said…
Thanks, Alex! I hate skiing but one colleague is daring me to try snowboarding next year. I think I value my butt too much though. ;-)
Unknown said…
Congrats! Oh, I've always wanted to ski :)
Jennifer Lane said…
Sunny, hope you enjoy skiing more than I do when you try it! Love your giraffe avatar.
Cross Country Skiing? I tip my Stetson to you. As a rare blood courier, I know how the day (and night) job can drain your free time!

Happy Birthday (I came to this post a bit late, too - hangs head in shame.)

Congrats on the fourth book!
Jennifer Lane said…
Thanks for stopping by, Roland! I know we're both busy in our careers but I'm amazed by your inspiring blog posts.