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#IWSG What's Easiest and Hardest to #Write ?

Whoops! Almost forgot this month's IWSG in the midst of planning for trips to Chicago and Hawaii, a broken air conditioner, and installation of new carpet and sectional sofa.

Thanks to Alex J Cavanaugh for creating IWSG, and awesome co-hosts Eva Solar Melanie Schulz, Lisa-Buie Collard, and Stephen Tremp.

How's your writing coming along? I wish it could go faster but I guess the muse can't be rushed. I'm about 36K words into my work in progress, ACED (Blocked #2). Next up is a therapy chapter which is always easier for me to write. I throw my characters into therapy on a regular basis--I torture them so much that they need it!

I'm struggling a bit with the pacing of the romance. While it's not insta-love, I have a tendency to rush things. I'm grateful for my critique partner Nicki Elson, who just released a wonderful romance (VIBRIZZIO). See my post below to read my review and enter the giveaway.

What type of chapters/scenes are easiest for you to write? Which are hardest?


Anonymous said…
Fight scenes.

I can't write battles to save my life. But I love having them and forcing my romantic lead through them. It's always the toughest scene to write though. I'm also struggling through romance in my current WIP. Sometimes I feel I'm trying to shove them together instead of letting it be natural.
Backstory. Weaving in enough back story so that readers of the third book in the series will not be lost, but readers of earlier books will not be bored. IT's so tough!
Lisa said…
In-the-head scenes seem to be "easier" to write for me. Depends on the character though! Wow, are you busy! Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog today! Lisa, co-host #IWSG, @
Cherie Colyer said…
I think romance is easier for me, and maybe battle scenes. I enjoy writing both. As far as pacing, I usually worry about that after the first draft is written.
You know a lot about therapy, so it fits.
You have some great trips coming up!