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Monday, January 31, 2011

Where I Write

Our special theme for Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop is: Where Do You Write?

I started writing stories at a desk in my guest bedroom, where my internet connection resided. Then I stepped into the 21st century with wireless and haven't strayed from the comforts of my living room sofa.

Usually my plus-sized cat Izzie is with me but she wasn't cooperating with this photo session. A cat not cooperating? Shocker!
I'm trying to rein her in. Watch her try to escape, ha ha.

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Nicki Elson said...

Aw, Izzie! I especially like the one where you're holding her and she's all "Get me outta here!" But I'm jealous of everyone's writing buddies---all my rabbit does is chew the power cord!

Thanks for sharing your pics---looks like a most cozy writing spot, indeed.

Kelsey said...

Purple! One of my favorite colors. And Izzie is so cute!!! My cat is sitting with me, looking at all these wonderful pics!

CarolOates said...

I love that your laptop matches your sofa. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that. My laptop matches the red accents in the bedroom.

Jessica McQuinn said...

I love it Jen! Though I'm feeling a little left out as I don't have a cat to curl up next to me while I write!! Instead I have a 60 lb puppy who puts her giant head on my laptop when I try to write on the couch!

Angelina Rain said...

Your cat is so cute.

Mary Mary said...

It looks like you have a nice, cozy nook. I enjoy writing on the couch just as much!

Jennifer Lane said...

Thanks for all the comments, ladies! I'm attending a psychology conference in Montana so I haven't been online today *shakes from withdrawal*. Glad you like "little" Izzie. I'm sure you'll like her more than I will when I return home from my travels and find her poop on my carpet, grr.

Jennifer Lane said...

Nicki and Jessica, I definitely think you need a furry friend to encourage you in your writing.

Kelsey, another purple fan, alright! Technically my sofas are "eggplant" but they sure look purple to me.

Carol, I do like matching colors, even with my clothing. Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs test? I'm a "J" on that and I hear that goes along with liking matching colors.

Thank you Angelina. Mary Mary, good to know I'm not alone on the coziness :)

Jen said...

Jen, that is one cozy setup you've got there. How do you keep from sleeping instead of writing?

niksnie said...

More photos for my collection! *Jen-shrine*
Boy, you are tidy! :P

As long as you don't hurt your back / hunch your shoulders... comfort is key!
I like my feet up when I'm on the couch (sofa ;)

Smash Attack! said...

Nice, comfy space. Yay for kitties! Cooperation is not in their vocab. :)

Jennifer Lane said...

Jen, I HAVE been known to take a nap on my sofa. In fact, I'm just waking up from one now. *yawns*

Nix, propping my feet up on the coffee table is a must, I agree. Do you like how I've rearranged the furniture since last week? ;)

Hi Ash! I'm all about comfort. Thanks, friends!


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