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How to Write Authentic Therapy Scenes

Please hop on over to Savvy Authors Blog today, where I'm doing a guest post about "How to Write Authentic Therapy Scenes". Check it out here!

Short Story Anthology: Summer Breeze

*squeals* I'm very excited about the publication of my first short story on July 5th! Omnific Publishing will release two summer anthologies, one sweet and one steamy, on 7-5-11. Check it out HERE. What's even better is that proceeds benefit the breast cancer research foundation Save the Ta-tas.

I can't think of a better organization to support given that breast cancer has affected my family. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. Doctors diagnosed her seventeen years ago, luckily catching the naughty cells early. She had a mastectomy and is doing so well now--I'm really proud of her.

My story Swim Recruit will be in the "Summer Breeze" Anthology along with other sweet Young Adult romances.

I'm a former college swimmer and I'm eager to share my first YA story, told from a first person point of view.

Not long after Abby Donahue’s family falls apart, she escapes on an airplane to Chicago for a recruiting trip. A talented high-school swimmer, Abby hopes t…

Fixin' to Visit Book Vixen

Today I'm over at The Book Vixen's BLOG talking about your favorite birthdays, real and fictional.

Hop on over and enter my GIVEAWAY for an ebook of With Good Behavior or Bad Behavior!

Author Kasi Alexander: Review and Interview

Thanks to those who entered my blogoversary giveaway. The random winner is . . .

Congratulations, Desi. An ebook of With Good Behavior is coming your way.

Now on to the featured author of the day: KASI ALEXANDER! Are you ready for some alternate romance? Is your mind open today? If so, read on.

I cyber-met Kasi through my publisher, Omnific, which released Becoming sage. I had the pleasure of reading the story and interviewing Kasi. Here's my review:

Jill has recently divorced. She’s depressed and tired of relationship dynamics in which both partners fight for dominance, neither knowing how to deliver what the other wants. Enter Jill’s friend Jessica, who is a submissive slave named sunni. sunni’s master, Rune, wants to invite Jill to be part of their threesome power dynamic. It’s a big risk for Jill to try out this novel experience, but then again she's been disappointed by traditional relationships. She joins the couple as Rune’s slave, learning a lot a…

Blogoversary Giveaway: 100 Posts!

Dear Followers,

Thanks so much for joining me on this blog adventure over the past year. My one-year anniversary swept right past me in mid May without me knowing it, but I do know this is my 100th post so I'd like to celebrate it by giving away an ebook of With Good Behavior or Bad Behavior! Just leave a comment to enter, including your email address if you think I don't know it, and I'll announce the winner on June 20th, 2011.

If you have trouble leaving a comment on Blogger, feel free to email me to enter at jenniferlanebooks (at) gmail (dot) com.

I'd also like to link to my five favorite posts from the last 100. These posts seemed to generate some interesting and funny comments!

August, 2010: Do flashbacks help or hurt the story? Read more HERE.

September, 2010: How do you like your hero hair? Long, short, scruffy, bald? Check it out HERE.

November, 2010: Men in Uniform Reading Challenge hosted by The Book Vixen HERE. So far I've read Indivisible, Hawken's …

A Visit From Grant Madsen

Not too long ago I reviewedEnemies and Playmates by prolific author Darcia Helle, and today I have the pleasure of being a guest on her blog "A Word Please".

Grant Madsen, the hero of The Conduct Series, is reluctantly talking about himself on the blog, sharing ten things about him that start with the letter "F".

The gorgeous actor Wentworth Miller inspired me to create Grant's character.

Please go check out Darcia's blog to learn more about Mr. Madsen!

Will You Marry Me?

What's the most unique or romantic marriage proposal you've ever heard?

As a romance author, I strive to find creative ways for my romantic leads to pop the question. An engagement is an important part of the plot and the relationship, and I want to make it special.

I just finished reading the fun and sexy romantic suspense novel Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. The more Jaine and Sam insult each other, the more they fall in love. It makes sense that Sam's proposal isn't sweet and gooey.

Sam: "I love you Jaine Bright. Will you marry me?"

Jaine: "No way in hell!"

After more insults Jaine remembers she's had three failed engagements.

Jaine: "I don't do really well with engagements. Gives the guy too much time to think."

Sam: "I'm skipping the engagement part. We're not getting engaged; we'll just get married."

Jaine: "In that case, yes I'll marry you."

Ha ha! I love a proposal that fits the characters…