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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Write Authentic Therapy Scenes

Please hop on over to Savvy Authors Blog today, where I'm doing a guest post about "How to Write Authentic Therapy Scenes". Check it out here!


KarenG said...

LOL, is this what they call psychologist humor? Well, if I need a therapist Jennifer, I 'm coming to you, only you better not lick my face!

Jennifer Lane said...

Psychologist humor is a very scary thing, Karen. ;) I do think pets can be the best therapists but I promise not to lick your face OR wag my tail!

Michelle Teacress said...

HaHa! That's a good one. I'm a dog person though, so of course I like it. :)

Jennifer Lane said...

Michelle, I love dogs but I love travel more so I don't have one. I'll have to rely on therapy from my pet. :)


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