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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jumping in the Fray to YA

I'm excited to report Omnific Publishing has accepted my Young Adult novel, currently titled Against the Tide. YA is hot right now, and I hope to attract some new readers via this genre. The story is a military murder mystery combining my loves of swimming, dysfunctional families, redemption, and healing.

Writing YA is a bit different from writing adult novels. Please visit Megan's blog Reading Away the Days where I discuss those differences. We're giving away an e-book from The Conduct Series!


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! This is exciting news! It sounds good, I want to read it when it comes out :)

Jessica Subject said...

Congrats, Jennifer! That's wonderful news. :)

Jennifer Lane said...

Thanks Karen and Jessica! I wrote this novel in 2007 and I'm really excited about it.

billy & jj said...

Yay for the brain. Good thing I decided to let you have it for the most part since you are doing all this writing! I have heard about this story for sometime now, looking forward to reading the 'official' version!

Jennifer Lane said...

The brain has another publication coming out, yay! I think you'll be recognizing parts of the story from our college days. Although I didn't include Mr. Strawberry Man *runs off to edit* :D


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