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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sights and Sounds from The CONduct Series

Happy New Year! I spent New Year's Eve in Hilton Head with my sister Susan, who just adopted THE CUTEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD. (I'm not biased -- judge for yourself):

His name is Auggie because they got him near St. Augustine. I already miss my fur nephew.

And I have some more images to share with you today from The Conduct Series, romantic suspense novels.

With Good Behavior and Bad Behavior feature Grant Madsen and Sophie Taylor, parolees who fall in love and battle bad guys.

 Thanks to Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews for framing these photos!

When Grant gets tipsy as the docent for a Chicago architectural cruise, he has fun describing this architectural wonder, the Chicago Spire:

*giggles* Can you guess the gender of the architect for that project?

Grant and Sophie's boss, architectural cruise ship captain Roger Eaton, has no tolerance for sadness or whining on his ship. He posts this plaque in the bridge:

Ah, Rog. Later in the story Sophie marvels at Grant's technique in the sheets. Here's the marquee that flashes in her mind:

Thank you to my pal Riem for making this banner.

Stay tuned for more sights from this series on my facebook page ( And for the sounds of the series, you can check out the With Good Behavior playlist on this blog. There's also a popular song on the radio that makes me think of Grant and Sophie:

We found love in a hopeless place (Rihanna)

Falling in love on your parole officer's doorstep is quite a hopeless place, indeed. But Grant and Sophie found love and hope there.

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Debra Anastasia said...

Hey gorgeous, I love you images and the song rocks!

Jennifer Lane said...

Thanks, Debra! I thought you might like the picture of the Spire, you naughty girl. ;)

Patricia said...

LOL! LOVE the bridge plaque, can't imagine why that is ;)

Jennifer Lane said...

Hmm, why oh why would you like a skull and crossbones image, Patty?

Cherie Colyer said...

Auggie is adorible! I love puppies. Great images and song!

Jennifer Lane said...

Auggie's only 7 weeks old, about 2 1/2 pounds. I love puppies too. Thanks for stopping by, Cherie!

Nicki Elson said...

That is a cute puppy! Sounds like a marvelous way to spend New Year's.

Thanks for the sites too---Rog's sign cracked me up in the book and seeing it extra cracks me up.

Hey! It's January - that means you'll be guesting at my place soon. :) I've got you down for the 18th. Do you prefer to do an interview or a guest post? (I'll be leaving this afternoon and away from the internet this weekend, but send me an email and I'll get back to you early next week.)

It's taking me forever to get around to updating my Goodreads and reviews, but I'll definitely have WGB's up before your guest spot so I can include it in the post. In the meantime (sorry it's taken me so long to say it) I want to tell you what a terrific story you have there and how enjoyable your characters are. A very fun read!

Jennifer Lane said...

Spending time with my sisters always makes a great holiday. I'm heading to Chicago right now for work meetings but happily I get to see my oldest sister and celebrate one of my nephew's birthdays.

I have Rog cast as Danny Devito in my head, ha ha.

I'll send you an email--maybe an interview? I'm so pleased you enjoyed With Good Behavior! Thanks, Nicki.


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