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Monday, September 24, 2012

Streamline Swims Around the Blogosphere

My YA swimming romance Streamline has been stroking through the blogosphere, visiting some lovely locations. Please stop by!

***Danya from A Tapestry of Words hosts PSYCHTEMBER, a celebration of YA novels featuring mental health issues. I love this idea and was thrilled to participate with a guest post about prescription drug abuse in teens HERE. Enter a giveaway for a Streamline ebook until 9/30/12!

Streamline's hero Leo learns the hard way about prescription drug abuse, and he also learns how to live a better life without oxycontin.

***YA author Cherie Colyer (check out her magical novel Embrace!) hosted me for a naughty excerpt from Streamline HERE.

***Congratulations to Adriana for winning an ebook of Streamline from Laurie's BLOG, which featured an excerpt.


Now onto my current WIP On Best Behavior (The Conduct Series #3). For the blog challenge "The Next Best Thing", here's my question for the week:

What genre does your book fall under?

That's an easy one: ROMANTIC SUSPENSE.

I did write a love scene this weekend *blushes* and I'm up to 75,000 words, about 3/4 done!

Authors, how are you progressing on your WIP?

Readers, how are you progressing on reading and reviewing?


Finally, I'm happy to announce my publisher's FALL SALE!

Bad Behavior (The Conduct Series #2) joins With Good Behavior (The Conduct Series #1) on sale for $2.99.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you're making good progress!

Belinda Kroll, Quirky Victorian Romance said...

I've slowed to a complete stop on my writing. I was burned out, not reading, frustrated, annoyed that life kept taking me out of the writing so I never felt like I was in my fictional world.

So I'm taking a break, hoping my readers will return when I do. Le sigh.

Jennifer Lane said...

Thanks, Alex! I don't think I'd ever make progress if I had as much of a blog presence as you do. ;-)

Jennifer Lane said...

Belinda, you're such a great writer that I'm sad to hear that. On the other hand, I appreciate the difficulty of squeezing in an author career in the midst of your professional career. I know if I'm away from writing for a while then it's hard to get going again. If you ever want to do a writing get-together, let me know! Or, if you want to get together without writing, I'm up for that too.

Karen Lange said...

Congratulations on your book! That is exciting. :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. It's great to meet you!

Have a wonderful week!

Jennifer Lane said...

Hey Karen, congratulations to you!


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