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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Editing Has Made Me Crazy

Have I mentioned how much I love the editing team at Omnific Publishing? Jessica Royer Ocken has taught me so much about the right way to write. Mostly I'm grateful for this knowledge.

But there are times when I think I've learned too much, like when typos and grammar gaffes interfere with my enjoyment of a novel. I'll be happily reading a story with good plot and characterization but then halt, wide-eyed, with horror.

Blond is an adjective, BLONDE is a female noun!

A comma doesn't belong there, people!

It's effect, not affect, when describing a noun.

Editing know-how also drives me up a tree when friends make an error in language. I mean, really--who cares? I'm nowhere near perfect at the spoken or written word. Yet when a colleague says something like "It's the same for her and I", I want to shout "Her and ME! It's ME, not I!"

Today my psychotherapy client told me she "could care less" about something.

I had to restrain myself from correcting her with a maniacal "It's COULDN'T care less!!!"

I need help.

And I need validation. Has this happened to you? How has editing made YOU crazy?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I can ignore it to a point in books, but I've always wanted to correct people when they talk, mostly when they pronounce words wrong.

Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

This happens to me ALL the time, even more now that I'm editing on a regular basis.

I often find myself rewriting sentences in books I'm reading for pleasure because I feel it would be clearer the way I do it.

In real life, though, I try my best to ignore it, especially when it comes to correcting people. I try to keep that to people who pay me to correct them.

But people make SO MANY MISTAKES. I see (and hear) them everywhere.


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