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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#IWSG Marketing Tips from Bestselling Authors

Time for November's Support Group hosted by Alex J Cavanaugh.

Recently I attended a writer/reader event, the Queen City Indie Con, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The author marketing panel was particularly good and I want to share their tips with YOU.

Book Marketing Tips

(The photo on the right shows authors Abbi Glines and Tara Sivec but I also learned from Tonya Kappes, Jayne Rylon, and MR Polish.)

1. Do you have a newsletter? (I don't at this time.) All the authors encouraged emailing a newsletter to your readers to inform them of new releases, giveaways, appearances, etc. If you rely on social media to spread the word, you give up control. For example, few Facebook fans now see posts on your page, and word on the street is that Twitter will also become more monetized.

2. Is your book on sale? How do you get the word out? Use Book Bub, a daily email alert sent to over one million readers. Getting a Book Bub ad is expensive but well worth it. Your book needs a certain number of reviews (including negative reviews!) to be accepted.

3. Is your ebook on Smashwords? If so, you can sell it to libraries through OverDrive. Check it out HERE. Most of my books aren't available on Smashwords but I just looked at my free novella and it's available at 36 libraries without my lifting a finger.

4. Will you attend a book conference? Partner with another author to purchase tote bags with your names on them.

5. Want to interact with readers? Schedule a Kindle chat, or post to the Kindle Author's Forum, like "Kindle Books Under $5.00 by Indie Authors".

6. Do you want to spread your swag around? Send it to Leena's Goody Room and they will share it with readers.

7. Want to engage readers? Host a giveaway to be a character in your book.

8. Do you want to offer unique swag? Where else can you get a shirtless man cookie? And I also have a swim cap for my swimming romance Streamline. What are some unique swag ideas you've developed?

So what marketing ideas did I miss?

There was also a book signing and I met some really cool authors! Author Jayne Rylon has published THIRTY-EIGHT books. Makes me feel insignificant with my paltry five. :-)

So my fellow writers, keep fighting the good fight to share your words with the world!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for the tip on the Goody Room!
I don't have a newsletter either. Bummer.
My publisher used Book Bub to promote the sale of one of my books and it was a huge success.

Feather Stone said...

Five published books, Jen? Awesome. Thanks for the tips. I've heard that t-shirts are becoming popular giveaways; that's a bit pricey for me. I like the idea of sharing a gift bag with a fellow author. And I like the travel mug with my book's image on it. That should get TGW around for a few miles, LOL. Congratulations on your latest novel, Blocked. Dare I say a "slam dunk". Yes, I'm so bad.

Gina Drayer said...

Interesting ideas. Marketing is always hard. You are right about not relying on social media!

I'd possibly add to be active on GoodReads. Not promoting, but just active as a reader. I've had a few people pick up my book after "chatting" with me in a BoodReads forum.

Cathrina Constantine said...

Thanks for all the advice, Jenn!!! I love your book covers!!

Quanie Miller said...

Thanks for sharing these tips! And a shirtless man cookie??? Sold!

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Unique swag is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing all these the tips!

Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

Elizabeth Hein said...

Great tips. Swag and giveaways are very useful. I give away little Eiffel Tower charms and people seem to really like them.

Cherie Colyer said...

Thanks for the great tips! I've heard good things about Book Bub.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Giving away a character spot. Love it! I also need a newsletter. It only makes sense, why am I stalling?


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